Race Report

Tom Hoskins Triathlon, Summit Cycles-Columbia SC, race report

I finally did the Tom Hoskins Memorial Triathlon this weekend. I have promised Joe, the race director, for years that I would do it but have never felt fit enough to compete. This year, however, I’ve been riding more and figured it would be the best time to Tri (sorry, bad pun!) We started with a 350m pool swim. I had no idea how fast (or slow!) I would be so I staged myself near the back (141st out of 203.) It was probably a mistake as I started passing other swimmers within the first 75...

Back to Basics

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Greetings and salutation my friends. As usual, it's been a while since I've posted on this blog. A lot has happened in the past few months. First, in November we decided to close the West Columbia store. We really wanted to give it time to take root but the cards were not in our favor. So we decided to cut back to the basics. Henry and I are again working together in the Northeast and I couldn't be happier. It's been great seeing old friends again! Unfortunately we did have to let Will...

Jam Room Music Festival Bike Rides

bike rides, The Jam Room Music Festival, group rides, Columbia-SC

Welcome to the most bike friendly music festival ever! The Jam Room in cooperation with the American Diabetes Association and your favorite bike shops will host two separate rides at this year’s Jam Room Music Festival this Saturday, September 21st! Here’s the skinny:
9:30am Groups will leave from Outspokin and Cycle Center and head to Boyd Plaza...

My First (Real) Bike

Bicycle memories, nostalgia, Summit Cycles, Columbia SC

Around the shop, I am often asked how I got into cycling. It all started in 1984. I was 12 years old and my “gang” would cavort around town on their bikes. Since I was the only one without a two wheeler, I would usually either run behind them or occasionally I would tie a rope to one of their bikes and let them pull me on my skateboard. Don’t get me wrong, I had bikes before but they were nothing special: the Schwinn Pixie my whole family learned to ride, the Columbia Thunder Road that I...

RofS Recap

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WOW, what a ride! Thanks to all the riders and volunteers for making the Ride of Silence an event to remember! In all, 100 people braved the threat of storms as we rolled, two abreast, from the parking lot onto Meeting St. at precisely 7 pm (along with all the other rides happening at that exact moment up and down the East Coast!) I took the rear, just in front of our SAG driver (thanks again John!) to gauge if anyone would not be able to complete the ride. Sure enough, two riders fell...

Ride of Silence

group ride, memorial ride, Columbia SC-Summit Cycles

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time to let our silence ROAR! The Midlands Ride of Silence will take place on Wednesday, May 16 and will leave from our West Columbia store at 7pm. If you are unfamiliar with this ride, check out the RofS homepage and our local group can be found on Facebook. This year's “Ride” will be a bit longer than past editions at just under...

Weekend Report

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I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did! Saturday started off with our Tour de Cure training ride. Thirteen riders showed up and we did the Tues/Thurs long route. As usual, the group broke up on 12th St. I lead the front group to 302 and circled back to check on the others. Once everyone made it back, Christina from the ADA and I went over to ride around with Mayor Benjamin and a few other local celebs. It was a great turnout, I’d guess 80-100 riders of all ages and abilities!...


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Let me start by apologizing for not keeping this blog more up to date. To say the last few months have been crazy would be a gross understatement! But the past is the past and I won't bother you with the details.

Our new West Columbia store is doing well. Even without doing any advertising, folks are finding us and stopping in. We are getting good feedback on what the local market wants and needs. A serious plus to our new store is the ability to ride the Tuesday ride. It's a fun...

Race Report

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I made the journey Greenville last Saturday for the Cross in the Park CX race. I’d been told by a friend that I’d love the course but she’s never ridden a single speed bike! To say the course was not SS friendly is putting it mildly. I did the Master 35+ class (my first time with the old guys!) and all 8 of us plus the 4 45+ dudes took off with a 30 second gap to the women’s start. I started well, taking fourth wheel into a singletrack climb, but it all ended about 60 seconds later. The...

A New Direction

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Sometimes things just fall into your lap. It all started about six weeks ago. I received a call from a business broker who’s client wanted someone to open a bike shop in his retail space. Henry and I have often discussed whether it would be best to have two locations or invest in a larger space and have everything under one roof. We have been approached in the past about relocating and we’ve even had folks who wanted to invest in our store if we’d open something closer to them, but it...