RofS Recap

bike ride, advocacy, Ride of Silence, Summit Cycles-Columbia, SC

WOW, what a ride! Thanks to all the riders and volunteers for making the Ride of Silence an event to remember! In all, 100 people braved the threat of storms as we rolled, two abreast, from the parking lot onto Meeting St. at precisely 7 pm (along with all the other rides happening at that exact moment up and down the East Coast!) I took the rear, just in front of our SAG driver (thanks again John!) to gauge if anyone would not be able to complete the ride. Sure enough, two riders fell behind rather quickly. Luckily a friend agreed to take them down 12th to regroup with us on Sunset Dr. After rejoining the procession, I moved through the line until I found a gap to sit in. The West Columbia PD did a great job keeping us protected as we rolled silently through the intersections. On the return trip down Sunset, we could see the rain starting to fall to the left of us, thunder and lighting too! Fortunately, the ride was nearing the end and as we made our final turn and topped the hill, I saw the prettiest sight, two perfect lines of cyclists riding as one. Turning into the lot, the lines created a human tunnel as each rider stood handlebar to handlebar until the last cyclist passed. Then the rain came. Many headed off to their cars, job well done, quite a few hung out under the tent and on the porch feasting on grub from Alfresca Mobilista and 2 Fat 2 Fly. Another Ride of Silence complete, mission accomplished!