Weekend Report

bike ride, advocacy, Ride of Silence, Summit Cycles-Columbia SC

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did! Saturday started off with our Tour de Cure training ride. Thirteen riders showed up and we did the Tues/Thurs long route. As usual, the group broke up on 12th St. I lead the front group to 302 and circled back to check on the others. Once everyone made it back, Christina from the ADA and I went over to ride around with Mayor Benjamin and a few other local celebs. It was a great turnout, I’d guess 80-100 riders of all ages and abilities! I applaud our Mayor and the city for putting on the event. Hopefully, we can get him to do the Ride of Silence!
Speaking of the ROS, this year’s event will start from our West Columbia store. The date is Wednesday, May 16th and we start riding at 7pm. I encourage all cyclists to attend and bring a friend! If you are unfamiliar with the ride, more info can be found at www.rideofsilence.org. If you Facebook, please like our Midlands Ride of Silence page for local updates.
The Felt Demo truck makes a return appearance this Wednesday! It will be at West Columbia in the morning and head over to the Northeast in the afternoon. I have no idea which bike they’re bringing, but I’ll bet there will be plenty of AR’s, F Series’ and Z bikes for everyone to ride a Felt on the Tour de Northeast! Call the stores for details.
I hope this doesn’t become a regular way to end these posts, but I friend of mine’s cousin was killed along with another rider in Jacksonville last week. Also, a customer of ours was hit on Sunday. He escaped with only some bruising and lost skin. Stay alert out there my friends!
That’s all, take care and safe cycling! Tim