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Fitting your body to your bike makes all the difference in a ride. An improper fit can lead to pain and possible injury. Most professional cyclists invest in costly high tech fitting analysis. At Summit, we don't have that kind of equipment, so after we fitted some of our clients - we took them down to be tested against the costly machines. Because of our extensive training and years of know how - the machines found no improvements or adjustments were needed. By using our 20+ years of bicycle fitting experience and listening to the customer, we are able to hone the bike to fit the rider perfectly. Every new bike from us comes with one free fitting.

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Race Report

Tom Hoskins Triathlon, Summit Cycles-Columbia SC, race report

I finally did the Tom Hoskins Memorial Triathlon this weekend. I have promised Joe, the race director, for years that I would do it but have never felt fit enough to compete. This year, however, I’ve been riding more and figured it would be the best time to Tri (sorry, bad pun!) We started with a 350m pool swim. I had no idea how fast (or slow!) I would be so I staged myself near the back (141st out of 203.) It was probably a mistake as I started passing other swimmers within the first 75 meters. After passing a few folks, the traffic got dense and it became more difficult so I slowed down and even walked a bit. I got out of the pool in 8:35, not bad for someone who doesn’t swim. Next came transition #1 (T1.) I have mental issues about riding without socks so I took my time, dried my feet, slipped on my shoes and helmet and was off on the Huffy, 1:45, I’ll take a lot of grief for that from my triathlete friends. It took me about 3 miles to settle into a comfortable pace but once I did, I was flying! I passed my friend Gary at the turnaround, yelling words of encouragement to him. The hill up to Hollingshed Rd. was tough but after that it was all downhill back to T2. I finished the ride at 39:59, I had hoped for better but I did average 20.9 mph, not too shabby considering the Huffy only has 2 speeds! The course was hillier than I remember so I wasn’t able to stay “aero” the whole time but I did hold the position for most of the ride. Turns out, I was the 12th fastest bike split for the bike leg, I’ll take it! Into T2 for another slow change into my running shoes, 1:15. As I left transition, my friend Jim asked where my race number was, so I unrolled it from the front of my shorts, old school as always. The run course was at best “rolling,” either up or down, nothing flat. I promised myself I wouldn’t walk, no matter how slow I went or how bad it hurt. I used the other runners like carrots, picking them off one by one. Like the bike leg, it was an out and back course so as I saw my friends coming the other way, we slapped hands and cheered each other on. “You’re almost there!” I finished pretty strong, completing the 5K in 24:42. My total time was 1:16:12, I had hoped to go under 1:15, next time I won’t wear socks! Speaking of next time, there is another Sprint in Sumter in October. The distances are even more to my liking, 300m swim and 16 mile bike. Sounds like I’ll tri this crazy sport again soon!

That’s all for now, take care and safe cycling. Tim