We would all like to have a flat stomach and to do this we have to commit ourselves, play sports at least three times a week and drink lots of water

Who wouldn’t like to have a flat stomach like celebrities and fitness professionals? However, there is no need to go through the operating room or starve. Thanks to some exercises, and obviously to a healthy life, you can get a flat and enviable abdomen.

In this article, we will explain everything about how to have a flat stomach with some simple exercises that will allow you to improve the tone of your abs.

The best exercises to have a flat stomach

Did you know that one of the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle is abdominal fat? The food we consume is often rich in flours and sugars which, added to the lack of physical activity and the many hours spent in front of the computer, accumulate around the stomach.

To have a flat stomach, it is essential to follow a diet rich in fiber and avoid foods that inflame the tissues. Below we suggest some exercises to have a flat stomach:

1. Leg lift

First of all, you need to know that to have a flat stomach, you have to do a lot of abs, even if you don’t like them. However, you can vary the exercises to not get bored and to work all the muscles.

One of the many options to choose from is leg lifting. Lie on your stomach on top of a mat, with your legs stretched out and your arms on the sides. Raise both legs simultaneously so that they remain as perpendicular as possible to the floor. Then, go down very slowly without touching the ground. Do at least 20 repetitions.

2. Plank

The plank, famous and popular exercise for having a flat stomach, works all the muscles of the belly, legs, arms, and buttocks. A truly complete exercise!

Lie on your stomach on a mat. Place your palms and the tips of your feet. Remove your body from the floor and use your forearms for greater balance. It is important to keep your thighs and body down parallel to the floor. Hold this position for a minute.

3. Knees high

To carry out this exercise, you will need a bench, a chair or a step. Sit on the edge and lift your legs by bending your knees in an attempt to touch your chest. You will need to lean well with your hands for the legs to do all the work.

Do 20 reps, slowly. When you lower your legs, stretch them slightly and do your best not to touch the toes with the floor.

4. Burpee

It is one of the most complete and aerobic exercises that exist and is present in CrossFit and calisthenics training. It allows you to work on your abs, legs, arms, thighs and much more.

Start in an upright position, then lower yourself by doing a squat until your palms rest on the ground. Stretch your legs back and flex. Go back to the squat position and get up with a jump. All these steps constitute a repetition; make at least 10.

5. Complete abs

To have a flat stomach, the abs are essential. There are numerous variations, so try to make those that involve more complete movements and that makes all the muscles work.

For example, belly up, bend your knees and rest the soles of your feet. Bring your hands behind your neck. Lift your torso off the ground and touch your chest with your knees. Complete 3 sets of 15 repetitions each.

6. Mountain climber

The last exercise to have a flat stomach are mountain climbers. Start with your palms resting on the ground and your legs stretched out (as if you were going to flex).

Bend your right knee and bring it to your chest, stretch it while bending your left leg. The idea is to produce a concatenated and harmonious movement. Make 15 folds per side.

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