For some, no sex before a race, others don’t rule it out at all. How much does sexual activity affect our sports performances?

Some professional sportsmen are not allowed to have sex before a competition because their muscles appear to be weak. Some, however, do not exclude it at all thinking that the ‘ sexual activity is linked to the production of endorphins and testosterone.

Do you want to know more about the relationship between sport and sexual activity? Let’s find out together with this article.

Can sex and sport go hand in hand?

In the world of sports professionals, there is a rule that “you cannot have sex before a competition”. And, although it may seem quite current, the ancient Greeks already followed this theory. Athletes had to practice abstinence before the Olympic games as it was believed that better results were achieved.

However, a few centuries later, it was concluded that “making love invigorates”. This statement is not intended only for sport, as for all types of physical activity.

You may know the phrase from the Mickey Goldmill coach – the Rocky Balboa coach:  “women weaken their legs” before a fight. After all, it’s not a cinematic invention; we know, for example, that Muhammed Ali observed abstinence from sexual activity six weeks before a meeting.

Also in other disciplines, they think so. A well-known Jamaican sprinter blamed the failure to win a gold medal on a night of sex the night before the race.

Nor, let alone, can we forget Salvador Biliardo, the then coach of the Argentine national football team, who allowed his players to “have a good time”  as long as they did not strain their legs and make women do “the big”.

One of the most famous phrases on this issue belongs to a New York Yankees baseball player: “the problem is not having sex before a game, but spending the whole night looking for who to go to bed with”. Obviously he was referring to the nightlife spree of the players and not to the relationship itself.

Apparently, sexual activity has the reverse effect in women, resulting in a positive effect. According to a boxer, sex causes the level of testosterone to increase in order to gain energy and aggression during a match.

Sexual activity and amateur sports

Famous precedents aside, it is good to know what happens to “ordinary mortals” who practice a sport. In a nutshell, it would be useful to know if sex affects sports performance in the gym or an aerobics class.

During the sexual act, the body produces various ” happiness hormones ” that can even improve our performance: with weights, running on the treadmill, cycling or doing abdominals.

It is all about the intensity of the relationship and the type of training we undergo. For some, sex is a cure-all that releases the energy needed to complete the series of exercises; others suffer from exhaustion to the point of not being able to lift weights or run according to their standards.

However, the same happens in other situations of daily life. If we have had some problems at work, it is likely that we will not be able to concentrate during a workout; on the contrary, if we have received good news, we will probably feel full of energy.

How much does sport affect the sexual sphere?

There is another aspect that we should take into consideration, namely the opposite situation: does too much exercise affect our sexual relations in terms of frequency? If the physical activity in the gym has been intense, it is likely that the forces for intimacy will not remain on the same day or they will produce a decrease in sexual performance.

However, we must not underestimate the fact that playing sports makes us healthy, makes us feel good with our body and increases self-confidence. If we like ourselves physically, we will have a stronger motivation between the sheets. All this without counting the circulatory and respiratory benefits provided by physical activity.

Therefore, it does not matter so much to know if sports activity affects sexual performance or vice versa but to be able to find a balance between these very pleasant activities.

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