The buttocks are muscles that we care a lot from the aesthetic point of view. So here are some exercises to train them and make them beautiful.

The buttocks can become a real obsession, as they are undoubtedly one of the parts of the body that we are most interested in keeping in shape, and fortunately, it is a relatively simple goal to achieve.

In this article, we will give you some useful tips for having a firm and beautiful buttocks.

One of the goals of all athletes is to obtain firm buttocks. Even though this is a ‘desire’ deemed predominantly female, many men also aspire to this goal and train intensely to achieve it. Although it is not an easy task, it is not impossible and here you will find some secrets to obtain it.

We always tell ourselves that it is we have to get fit, but we always end up putting it off and as summer approaches we would like to see rapid results. Well, we have to make it clear that all types of training require perseverance and patience. You can, therefore, put your heart in peace if this summer you cannot show off the swimsuit you so much desire you can do it next year. So avoid doing nonsense!

We will reveal how to do a simple sequence of exercises thanks to which you can achieve good results, perhaps a little slow, but certainly lasting.

Getting firm buttocks is no longer just a dream

You can get firm buttocks even without the need to go to the gym. In case you already went to the gym, you can strengthen yourself by doing these simple exercises at home. It only takes twenty minutes of your time and a little effort. We guarantee you that the results will be truly remarkable.

The buttocks are the largest muscles in the body, but also the ones that make the least effort and therefore are very difficult, but not impossible, to tone. keep reading to not miss the workout that will get you perfect buttocks.


The squat is undoubtedly the most qualified exercise for making the buttocks work. You don’t have to start doing many repetitions, you can start with 30 and increase by five a day until you reach an acceptable number.

The number of repetitions that we recommend is two hundred and fifty and you don’t need to do them all in a row. You can stop for a few seconds to recover before starting a new series. By doing so, you will begin to notice the results in a month. If at some point you feel too fatigued, you can lean your back against a wall.

Go upstairs

Who doesn’t have stairs in their building nowadays? Forget the elevator, go up and walk. Going up the stairs strains the upper leg muscles and makes the buttocks work. Not only that, but it’s also a great way to get a flat stomach.

Going down is not as effective, clearly compared to going up. If you live on a low floor or don’t want your neighbors to see you up and down the stairs, buy a step platform to do it at home.


Another way to make your buttocks work intensely is to do lunges. Taking strides much longer than our usual step allows you to strain this part of the body a lot.

When doing this exercise you must take a large step forward, starting from an upright position and bend a knee which must not, however, go beyond the tip of the foot for muscle work to be effective. this exercise is even more valid than the step.

Straighten your legs

Take a mat or a Pilates mat and rest your elbows and knees while you stretch one leg after the other. This movement will force the buttocks and encourage their toning. Do fifty repetitions per leg every day and you will see excellent results sooner than you think.

To run

Running as you’ve always done certainly helps, but in this case, we are talking about a much more effective exercise, also called high knees, and consists of running on the spot, raising the knees to the maximum of one’s ability.

To gain greater effectiveness, we reveal a secret to you. Place your hand at the height of the abdomen and make sure to touch it with the knee. It is a tiring exercise but it produces excellent and evident results.

As you can see, having a firm buttocks is no longer a mirage. With a simple home work out all this will be possible. Get to work and who knows, maybe this year you won’t be able to show off perfect buttocks, but almost.

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