Mountain trails suitable for everyone

The Oma Wood

It is one of the most beautiful mountain trails in Spain, due to its artistic character. Located in Vizcaya, it is also known as “el bosque pintado”, the painted forest. It consists of a path with trees decorated by the artist Agustín Ibarrola.

The artist painted the trunks with stripes of color and various shapes. If viewed from a certain perspective, these forms make up a coherent design. The result is  47 different figures. The forest is located in the Oma Valley, which can be reached through the Santimamiñe caves, in Kortezubi.

The path is rich in vegetation and is about 7 km long. It can be completed in two hours, not to mention the time it takes to contemplate the beautiful artistic nature of the place.

Trevinca cliff

In the province of Zamora, there is the lake of Senebria, located in the homonymous national park. It is considered the largest in the Iberian Peninsula.

The proposed path, very healthy, starts from the Laguna de Los Peces and reaches the Rupe Trevinca. Between round trips, the route counts 24 km and can be completed in 8 hours by expert hikers. You must enjoy the imposing landscape of rocks, rugged valleys, and rural villages.

La Cueva de Los Chorros

The source of the Mundo River is another of the mountain paths worthy of being crossed by those who consider themselves a good hiker. It consists of an impressive cave from which the water accumulated by rain and snowfalls more than 100 meters high. It is known as Cueva de Los Chorros.

The stupendous waterfall repays the difficulties of those who venture in search of it, in a path that is not too difficult to achieve. In fact, it’s just a 4 km round trip, but the destination will be a great reward. It is worth experiencing the adrenaline by tackling the climbs, going into the dark and passing through narrow streets.

This adventure can last about two and a half hours. It is not recommended to go more than 150 meters into the cave in order not to get lost or hurt.

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