Are you a mountain lover? Spain is probably not the first destination that came to your mind for the holidays. Yet here there are magnificent mountain trails.

Are you planning a holiday in Spain? Or are you looking for your next destination for walking in the mountains? Well, know that there are many mountain paths that hikers can use in the Spanish country. It would take an entire book to gather all the options that the Iberian Peninsula offers, but we want to recommend some of them.

In this article, we will give a brief description of some of these mountain trails. Each one differs in specific characteristics, such as difficulty or danger,  beauty and artistic component, history, etc. And each of these paths presents interesting peculiarities for those who wish to explore nature and the mountains.

Mountain paths for expert hikers

El Caminito del Rey

In the province of Malaga, there is the Guadalhorce river. Here we find this particular path called Caminito del Rey  (The King’s path), for the visit that King Alfonso XIII made there in 1921.

It was built out of practical necessity. In the first two years of the twentieth century,  the Hydroelectric Society of Chorro opened an entrance to the workers because of the work.

Its particularity is the dangerous walkways that make up a large part of the route. In fact, of the 7.7 km of the route, almost 3 are composed of these walkways. It takes about 3 or 4 hours to travel the path on the way out, while for the return there is a special bus service.

Caminito del Rey is one of the most famous mountain trails because of the challenge of walking on rickety walkways. It is not a recommended route for beginners.

Los Galayos

In the Sierra de Gredos, in the province of Ávila, there is this path, a  destination for veterans for its great altitude. The destination is the 2,343 meters high Pico de Mira. Arriving there it is found that the effort is worth everything, thanks to the extraordinary view that the high ground offers.

The place is made up of pointed hills, and the word “galayo”, of Arab origin, indicates a “bare rock that rises to the mountain”.  The path counts 11 km and can be covered in about 6 hours. In addition, it can also be cycled.

The path of Charles V

Among the mountain paths that allow hikers to replicate historical crossings, there is what Charles V of Habsburg traveled in the sixteenth century through a path from Cáceres. In 1557 the king moved from Tornavacas and Jarandilla de la Vera to the monastery of Yuste. There he spent the last moments of his life.

The path is splendid because of the geography of the monuments, rivers, and native vegetation. It is about 25 km long and can be covered in about 8 or 9 hours, with steep climbs suitable only for experts.

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