Did you know that with skating it is possible to train the whole body and burn a lot of calories?

All as children, we had a pair of skates or at least we tried. Some have practiced skating for some time, others have made it their favorite sport or hobby.

Did you know that skating is a very complete sport? We reveal why.

The benefits of skating

Skating, both on wheels and on ice, has the ability to improve balance, coordination, and concentration through the movements of the legs.

This is why it is considered a complete sport and is recommended for children, especially for those who have difficulties in psycho-motor skills or concentration problems in the study.

Practicing this sport from an early age will ensure that the child becomes an adult with ready reflexes and well-defined goals in life for which he will fight relentlessly. If you still like skates as adults, jump in! You have chosen one of the best sports to keep fit.

Skating is a complete sport also from a physical point of view

Even if the part of the body that works most in skating is the legs, in order to have good coordination, maintain balance and give yourself a good push, you must also work with the rest of the body.

Arms and waist, as well as the back, remain very active while skating; why skating is considered a complete sport. In addition, it is an aerobic exercise or a powerful fat burner that slowly also trains the muscles.

This means that the ice will initially lose weight and then contribute to muscle growth t onificando your body and giving you an enviable presence.

Let’s take a practical example: in half an hour by bicycle – an activity in which mainly the legs work – about 150 calories can be burned against the 300 of skating.

Other benefits of skating

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, some of which are obvious, there are others that do not immediately catch the eye but that can motivate you to choose skating as your first sport.

  • Strengthens the legs and improves muscle tone.
  • Improve physical endurance.
  • It fortifies the lungs and heart.
  • It has less impact on the joints than running – 50% less.
  • Shapes and tones the buttocks, waist, and abdomen.
  • Activates blood circulation.
  • The cells feed continuously.
  • Improve breathing.
  • It is a natural anti-stress.

The risks of skating

Despite having many benefits, there are also risks associated with this sport. It is not a sport that can be approached as adults unless you have masterful skills in coordination and balance.

The injuries caused during a skating session can be very serious and, therefore, precautions must be taken. Even if you consider yourself an expert, you still need to be cautious and follow simple safety rules to avoid hurting yourself. Here are a few:

  • Put on your protections. In the shops there are protections of all kinds to be able to practice this sport safely, so choose the one you consider necessary. The cuffs are an obligation since the first thing you put on the ground in the event of a fall is your hands.
  • Do not skate on wet or particularly smooth ground, as the wheels slide and do not have a brake, the dangerous ground makes a fall much more likely.
  • Skate in a safe place. Walking in the middle of the road is not prudent, because you could cause or suffer an accident.
  • Do not hook onto other vehicles while skating.

These are minor risks if you keep all the appropriate protective measures in mind. Skating is a complete sport that will help you keep fit and shape your body. Don’t think about it anymore and jump!

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