Running is one of the most natural activities for human beings. Yet it is necessary to have the correct position to run to do it in the best way.

Running is one of the first things we learn to do in life, after walking and talking. However, this natural gesture is not always done in the right way. There is a correct position for running.

So what is the correct position to run? Every sport has its technique. Footballers must know how to kick, basketball players must know how to shoot and tennis players must know how to use the racket. The same goes for runners.

What is the correct position for running

There are some parameters to consider when assessing a person’s position in the race. Among these, we have the movement of the foot and arms, posture and breathing. These are the most common mistakes about these parameters:

Wrong foot movement

The ideal to assume a correct position for running would be to touch the ground with the middle of the foot and also with the toe. If we put the heel down, the only thing we will do is break the gear and make the movement less fluid.

How to prevent this from happening? First of all, you have to train your mind. Many athletes train barefoot on a soft surface (like grass) to exercise the area.

On the other hand, you must also understand the ideal stride relative to the length of your legs. You will see that the longer you stretch, the more you will touch with your heels. In this sense, shortening the contact time with the ground will reduce energy consumption with each step.

Wrong movement of the arms

The movement of the arms is essential to obtain a correct position for running and giving balance. If it is hurt, it can lead to counterproductive energy consumption for the athlete.

Here are some of the movements to avoid :

  • Do not overdo the lateral rotation. The arm should not exceed half of the torso.
  • Leave your shoulders and arms stiff while running.
  • Move your elbows too far away from your body.
  • Bring your arms to an angle greater than 90 degrees.

Wrong body posture

The position of the body is essential to have a good balance, to avoid unnecessary waste of energy and, in this way, to improve endurance. To run properly, it is essential that the back is straight and the abdominals exert some tension. In this way, what we know as ‘ core ‘, will remain stable.

As for the hips, it would be better to make sure that the pelvis remains vertical as we run. Raising the trunk too much, many times because of impatience or anxiety to reach the finish line, is equally wrong.

Similarly, the head must remain straight, aligned with the trunk and pelvis. It is a very common mistake among runners: running looking at the ground. In addition to posture, this also affects breathing. The eyes must look at the ground, of course, but at a minimum distance of ten meters ahead of where the athlete is.

Finally, we repeat that it is important to check and measure your strides. If they are too wide, in addition to provoking what we have already said about the support of the foot, you run the risk of this falling forward with respect to the pelvis. According to the ideal technique, it must fall just below the pelvis.

Breathing, a key factor.

Once you have ascertained that you have the correct position to run,  you must also evaluate your breathing. It is a key factor for runners because it directly influences endurance and performance.

Although they teach us to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth when we are young, this is not enough for athletes. Since they need more oxygen,  the ideal is that they take air from both ways and expel it from the nose.

On the other hand, the frequency of breathing depends on the athlete’s rhythm and ability. However, it is advisable to inhale every 3 or 4 seconds and exhale every 3.  In this way, breathing will always be moderate and sufficient.

Finally, you must remember that breathing is related to posture. If you can run with the correct technique, you will also improve your aerobic capacity.

With all these tips, you will be ready to train in the correct position, with all its benefits. You can learn all these movements to the point that they will become automatic,  so over time, practice and concentration will make you all-natural.

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