Better to train alone or in the company? Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Those who love the atmosphere and dynamism of the gym or group activities will hardly appreciate the benefits of training alone. However, training on your own has several benefits. Among other things, you can be 100% focused and ready to push your limits.

It is clear that training requires commitment and discipline, but not everyone works on these points when they have company. A distraction can drive them away from the goal and a bad result can reduce their self-confidence; it is, therefore, advisable to evaluate the advantages of training alone.

The benefits of training alone

Greater organization

Being alone is easier to organize a training program suitable for your physical condition. When training in pairs or in groups, the incompleteness of the demotivation program and, little by little, leads to retreat.

Also considering that the choice of discipline must be individual, we can say that training alone is more productive. Each movement will be adapted to personal needs and abilities and not exceed others.

The instructor will suggest the habits or practices be adopted according to your conditions. And within a wide range of options, the person will be able to lean towards what they like best. It must be remembered, for example, that running to relax or to compete is not the same thing at all.

Another of the benefits of training on your own is the ability to choose where to do it. The gym, own house, the street, a square or a park; knowing the techniques and wearing the right clothes and shoes, any place can be fine.

More organization and discipline

By not having to wait for others to decide, that their free days coincide with ours or that they prepare the necessary equipment, you save time. An important factor for the success of a workout is organization; it is easier to develop our program and carry it out if we are alone.

Changing times or activities on your own initiative is another of the advantages of training on your own, not to mention the possibility of varying the intensity and rhythm when and where you want.

If you play football, basketball or another collective sport, communication with the other team members must not be missing. Physical training can be individual, but the game will have to develop in collaboration.

I decided to concentrate

Among the advantages of training alone there is also concentration because there will be no noises that distract or move away from physical activity. Generally, when working in pairs or in groups we talk and this can be distracting.

By training in silence or listening to music, more effective and efficient results are obtained; every exercise and rest times are respected. Maybe there is no one to correct mistakes and positions or, on the contrary, to praise and motivate, but the results will speak for themselves.

The difficulty of some exercises may block those who train alone. However, this stops being an inconvenience when the impossibility turns into a medium or long term challenge. Concentration and discipline will make any set goal possible.


Among the main advantages of training on your own there is the possibility of awakening your thoughts and spending time on yourself, instead of making comparisons, competing and surpassing others. As the body trains, the mind drives out negative ideas and reinforces positive ones.

The opportunity to self-value, and to display strengths and opportunities is an opportunity not to be wasted. Take a moment to reflect and analyze everything that can be improved or not.

It is true that many feel more motivated by the idea of ​​sharing a physical activity with other people who act as “leverage” when they believe they cannot do it. However, it is also stimulating to match the body and the mind perfectly when the objectives are individual and mark the path towards self-overcome.

Training in the company or alone is a personal choice and both alternatives offer different benefits. The important thing is not to postpone the commitment to take care of your health and improve your quality of life through sport. Half an hour of training, three days a week, is enough to stay in shape.

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